nano energizer can be used in any type of engine with 4-10L oil capacity Suitable with gasoline, Diesel & LPG vehicles.Two pouch injection: Any type of Big engine up to 25 litre oil capacity Injection method:

How to use

Injection Objects:

Nano Energizer recommended for all vehicles after at least 3,000 km of use. for any type of engine using mineral or synthetic oil petrol, diesel or LPG.
Shake Nano Energizer enough before injection, as subsidence may occur after long storage

Injection Period:

Injection is available at anytime, but effective period is when engine oil is being changed. Recommended to change Nano Energizer upon driving 30,000km. Wear resistance of the protective coating is guaranteed within 1year at any running.

Injection Method:

Warm up engine after change engine oil.
Shake Nano Energizer enough before injection, as subsidence may occur for long storage.
Open oil filler cap and inject Nano Energizer slowly.
Close oil filler cap and keep idle for 20 minutes or drive 30km.
After injection of nanoE AIO, ceramic coating on engine metallic surface will be applied from 500km - 700km run and feel great effect: power increase, smooth, noisy drop and smoky stop & fuel saving.

After running 1,500Km upon injection of nanoE, freely you can change engine oil. Because perfect cermet coating process within 1,500km run will be already completed on engine surface.

The effect of nanoE will be continued till 30,000km to 50,000km with just one injection of nanoE AIO.

A single Injection ensures a powerful engine with smoother, quieter, more economical operation.