I used Nano Energizer in My Tractor Fleet - Waikato
  Waikato Testimonial
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  Korea Automotive Technology Institute
  Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials Testing Report
   Kyungpook National University Comparison
  Kyungpook National University Comparison
  nanoTec International Piston Compressor Test Report
  nanoTec International Automobile Field Test Report
  Union Chemical Institute - MotorcycleTest - Page1
  Union Chemical Institute - MotorcycleTest - Page2
  Yeungnam University Testing Result
  Chuck this stuff in your car
  I cannot believe it is the same vehicle.
  Increased power and throttle response and lower fuel consumption
  Savings of 20.76% fuel costs - spreadsheet
  nano results from the farm
  The engine runs much smoother and quieter
  Reduction in overall noise from the engine