Chuck this stuff in your car

Wow!! Having trained in engineering design, and studied the efficiencies of ceramic technology in production and manufacture, I was in ‘boots and all’ for treating my cars with Nanoenergizer and recording the changes if any.

My first application was to a 2002 toyota Estima 3.0 V6 [175,000 on the clock]; this tank was guzzling between 7 and 8 kms/ litre. Within 100 km’s after treatment, I noticed an increased launched from stand still, at reduced applied accelerator. Within 250 km’s of application, I managed a whopping (for the type of vehicle) 11 km’s/ litre when car was not fully loaded, and 10.3 km’s/ litre when loaded.

We are just approaching 1000 km’s after treatment, and even on short trips with a lot of stop start, this beast is still only chewing through around 10 kms/ litre – I’m stoked!! I believe given what short trips used to cost me…I’ve saved upwards of $80 in gas already in this vehicle, and as an engineer, I know when the wife jumps in and runs it to town cold, Nanoenergizer’s ceramic technology is going to guarantee me less wear, and ultimately a longer engine life.

My second vehicle that I treated is a 1999 Subaru Forester stb [86,000 on the clock]. This thing had become a huge supporter of the oil companies as I chewed through around 5 km/ litre (if I was lucky). In serious need of a service, my forester was becoming an Achilles heel to my fuel budget. With nothing to lose, I treated it with Nanoenergizer and within 80 kms of treatment, the engine was beginning to purr, and quietened down significantly…it sounded like the day I bought it. Within 150 km’s I was getting 8 – 9 km’s/ per litre of gas…probably more economy than I have ever got from my baby.

I’ve just passed 300 km’s after treatment, and it is hauling some serious ass on acceleration. On ‘giving it some’ the other day, I reached the redline cut out, before I had a chance to change gear; this car is running sweeter than the day I bought it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the diagnostics from Subaru when I send it in for it’s service.

Chuck this stuff in your car – it’s win…win!!