I used Nano Energizer in My Tractor Fleet - Waikato

I used Nano Energizer in my tractor (part of my contracting fleet).

This tractor has a weak cylinder and due to the fact it has done almost 10,000 hours it also smokes heavily.

After using Nano Energizer (after approx 400 hours) it has completely stopped smoking and the weak cylinder seems to have healed itself! Amazing but true! It runs fine now.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

I was planning to overhaul the engine because I didn't think there was any other options available to me.

I used Nano Energizer on the off chance that it could help (as a last resort).

I can't believe the difference it made. It has really paid off.

It’s now a great starter and the smoking has completely stopped.

You would not think it could be the same machine.

I have now reorder more Nano Energizer for another Tractor.

Glenn Jackson

Golf Road