nano results from the farm


I'm a local dairy farmer and have used Nano Energizer in a few of my machines. we put some in my Nissan Safari, done 200Km, now it seems to 'like' higher RPMs. It runs sweeter, at a faster speed. we also tried some in my near new Suzuki Trojan, was consistently getting 155/165Km per tank, now after two or three tank full we are getting 165/175Km per tank, 6/7% improvement. we put it in an old international 786 turbo tractor, after 10 hours of running it is making a lot less smoke. lastly I gave some to my employee for his 94 falcon, 300Km and smokey, he has noticed up to 100Km more per tank and I have noticed when I follow his car there is no more smoke.

I would not hesitate to use Nano Energizer again

Paul Matthews