Reduction in overall noise from the engine

I am an owner from new of a 100series 4.2L Toyota Landcruiser 5 speed automatic year of manufacture 2006/7. When I first got the vehicle I was pleasantly surprised at the distance it would travel on a litre of diesel. Typically my On-Board fuel computer would register open road conditions showing 12.5Km/L of fuel consumed.

This dropped off over the last few years to 10.6Km/L until I added the NanoEnergizer product into the last oil change. Within less than 1000Km I have returned to 12.6Km/L as my current maximum I have been able to achieve for open road driving. For those who think in litres per 100Km then this equates to 7.94L per 100Km's.

One of the biggest changes is the reduction in overall noise from the engine. Hopefully this will extend overall engine life by 30% and will enable me to enjoy my motoring well into my retirement years. I pull a 3 tonne boat with my cruiser as a regular activity.