Waikato Testimonial


Dear Team at Nano Tech NZ, Dear Team at Nano Tech NZ, 

I put Nano Energizer into the Honda on 26 August and now have 2 follow up reports of fuel usage and will keep on monitoring for a while.

The fuel consumption as improved significantly. I just want to see the occurrence of ling steady trips and town dr urrence of ling steady trips and town driving a bit iving a bit more clearly before II II make real conclusions make real conclusions about Nano Energizer chemical fuel consumption = 11.937 l/100km

After adding chemical 
10.347 l/100km after one tank of town driving
7.466 l/100km after 1 tank of long trip driving ank of long trip driving

Overall more than 30% better, but need to see a mix of town and distance driving before I get a new average?

Very satisfied with this result so far.

I will probably want to do my two other cars for benefit and nefit with stats for your product back--up in a couple of weeks time, when the numbers settle.

Your Sincerely

Mr Smit